VHF Radio Observations for Ionospheric Study - Realtime Active Data Archive on 2024/04/22 (113)
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VHF Radio Observations for Imaging Sporadic-E Layer / Plasma Bubbles - Active Data Archive


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NICT Ionosonde foEs

NICT Ionosonde foEs

NICT Ionosonde foEs

If you click a part of the spectrograms below, maps of GPS-TEC ROTI during the corresponding 1 hour period will appear (every 5 min). A movie of the ROTI data is also available

Sarobetsu, Hokkaido:  Status,  Zoom-in
Sugadaira, Nagano:  Status,  Zoom-in
Oarai, Ibaraki:  Status,  Zoom-in
Chofu, Tokyo:  Status,  Zoom-in
Kure, Hiroshima:  Status,  Zoom-in
Onna-North, Okinawa:  Status,  Zoom-in
Sendai, Miyagi:  Status,  Zoom-in
Kyoto, Kyoto:  Status,  Zoom-in
Onna-South, Okinawa:  Status,  Zoom-in

This observation is carried out by UEC in coorperation with ENRI and NICT
Observation in Kure, Hiroshima has been supported by Dr. Yamamoto at Japan Coast Guard Academy.
Observation in Kyoto has been supported by Dr. Saito and Mr. Ando at Kyoto University.

The observation has started under the financial support of PSTEP (JSPS) in FY2018-2019. The project is now supported by the Murata Foundation for FY2020-2021.