VHF Radio Observations for Ionospheric Study - Realtime Active Data Archive on 2024/06/18 (170)
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VHF Radio Observations for Imaging Sporadic-E Layer / Plasma Bubbles - Active Data Archive


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NICT Ionosonde foEs

NICT Ionosonde foEs

NICT Ionosonde foEs

If you click a part of the spectrograms below, maps of GPS-TEC ROTI during the corresponding 1 hour period will appear (every 5 min). A movie of the ROTI data is also available

Sarobetsu, Hokkaido:  Status,  Zoom-in
Sugadaira, Nagano:  Status,  Zoom-in
Oarai, Ibaraki:  Status,  Zoom-in
Chofu, Tokyo:  Status,  Zoom-in
Kure, Hiroshima:  Status,  Zoom-in
Onna-North, Okinawa:  Status,  Zoom-in
Sendai, Miyagi:  Status,  Zoom-in
Kyoto, Kyoto:  Status,  Zoom-in
Kirishima, Kagoshima:  Status,  Zoom-in
Onna-South, Okinawa:  Status,  Zoom-in
Tainan, Taiwan:  Status,  Zoom-in
Bangkok, Thailand:  Status,  Zoom-in

Observation in Kure, Hiroshima has been supported by Dr. Yamamoto at Japan Coast Guard Academy.

The observation has started under the financial support of PSTEP (JSPS) in FY2018-2019. The project is now supported by the Murata Foundation for FY2020-2021.